Hello my lovelies, I hope you are doing well? Can’t believe Christmas is less than 45 days away and poof we are in 2022! so crazy but anyway, happy new month. Let get down to business and talk about ways to style bomber jacket for fall or autumn.

White T-shirt and Jeans

This is literally the most simple and classic way to style any bomber jacket you own no matter the colour but it would look better if a tiny bit of the colour on the bomber jacket is incorporated in the look which can be in the clothing, shoes or accessories. For me, it was both the clothing which is the top and the shoes, although, I also styled it with a different sort of shoes as well as you can see below. This I know you own in your wardrobe and it’s such a classic forever look which is always in style.

Superdry Bomber Jacket and Sneakers – Get 10% off using FISAYO10 on them

Monochrome Look

This is a very bold statement especially if you are wearing a coloured bomber jacket but it is also a show stopper if you know you can pull it off and have the confidence to werk it. For me, I will opt for an all-black look because I know I can confidently pull that off but any other colour will require a lot of balls but I know it would be perfect for Fashion week just because it’s different from my style of dressing and all. So, if you are a bold colour wearer (if that’s a word lol) then this look will be perfect for you in any colour.

Superdry Bomber Jacket and Sneakers – Get 10% off using FISAYO10 on them

All Black Look

I know we just talked about the monochrome look but hear me out! When I say all black I mean your top and bottom just because, this will work with any colour of bomber jack you have and you can also opt for a black shoe too to pull the look in. This can be the easiest and lazy way to style a bomber jacket and FYI you can also do this with a black dress too which can either be edgy, classy, or casual depending on the vibes you are going for with the look.

Superdry Bomber Jacket – Get 10% off using FISAYO10 on them

That is is my lovelies, let me know which of the look you will be going for in the comment section below!!

Meilifisayo xxxx

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