About Me

My name is Fisayo, and my blog name is Měilì Fisayo. Měilì means beautiful in Chinese and I am that girl that is fascinated about few Asian culture and languages most especially Korean and Chinese (Mandarin). I can speak a little bit of both but am still learning.


Other than language obsession, I love traveling which you will see on my blog. On my blog I will take you to the most beautiful and amazing cities in the United Kingdom (Tour of UK). If you are planing on coming to the UK and you dont know where to visit or explore stay glue to my blog. I will definitely travel out of the country as well and you will get to see the world through my own eyes.


Back to me lol, I was born in Nigeria and left for the UK at the age of 16. I love my childhood experience in Nigeria and wont change it for the world. I moved to Cardiff which is in Wales where I finished my High school and College and No I dont have a Welsh accent lol. Am a graduate with Biomedical Science degree from Oxford Brookes University and I currently work in Medical Sales.


On my blog I will talk about Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty, Life hacks and etc so stay tune. My interest in beauty started in university actually and one of my favorite make up brand out there is Mary Kay which have been using since I was in college especially their skin care which has done wonders for my skin.

I will stop here as I have so much to pour out and say but I just want to thank you for stopping by and hope you do come back and stay interested. xoxoxo

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