A Blur Between Social Media And Vulnerability – Let’s Talk about it

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are doing well? This topic has been on my mind for a while now and I need to just express my thoughts on here because this is the best place to do it and if you follow Fisayo’s Speaks you already know the ishhh… The question now is! Is there a Blur between Social Media & Vulnerability?

Firstly, let’s define what vulnerability means, according to Goggle, “the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally”.

With this definition in mind; in conjunction, with Social Media, instead of being attacked or harmed, it has now flipped to Education, Awareness and Deflection, which are the three parts I want to focus on today.


Teaching through past experience or trauma has been done since the beginning of time from our parent, teachers and everyone we meet while walking through life but now with social media everything is more amplified, which we can’t escape on our day to day life, especial with the rise of TikTok, twitter, and Instagram.

A perfect example for this will be the BLM movement, End Sarz movement, Colourisium, Pretty Privilege, Tokenism, etc, which are very important to at least be aware of and know about because it’s what we face everyday some how or another so I has a person appreciate people talking from either their trauma or past experience to educate me on the topic. Let not forget that this topic can also be use for other people’s benefits and I will only talk about two;      

  • BLM: We know during Black Lives Matter the birth of All Lives Matter came about and I still can’t wrap my head around such a word, but it literally does not make any sense. All Lives Matter supporters fail to get is that Black Lives Matter is not the divergent of All Lives Matter , but somewhat a way to show that society is focusing on Black lives right now. All Lives Matter supporters used that opportunity to allegedly create more damage but turning the movement more disruptive.
  • End Sarz Movement: For the live of me, I can’t believe someone would want to capitalize using that word connected to mass murder, its truly and genuinely sad and am appalled.


Creating awareness is very important because it shows people with similar issues that they are not alone from death, abuse but it physical, mental, emotional, and verbally (which are literally the most talked about on all the three platforms) which brings me to the definition of trauma.

The best definition of trauma is any experience that overwhelms your thoughts, emotions, or body and according to goggle it is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.

Positively used, this can help a lot of people take comfort in the shared experience, being able to relate and knowing they are not alone (i.e., Covid period) while in return but the question now is, will talking about it on social media, even if it talked about multiple times, helps with the healing process? NO Will they get some sympathy or empathy from people? Maybe


Deflection according to goggle means, the action of turning something aside from its course, or whereby people try to hide their mistake they made by pushing the blame for the things they did or are doing onto something or someone else rather than taking full responsibility. We also see it in the new on tv and in politics all over the world which can be argued as positive by means of distracting us from the failing economy, increased poverty etc. As much as this can be used positively just so we can get by with our day to day activities, such has not watching the news, etc, it can mostly fall into the negative categories a lot of the times.   

Despite inflation, failing economies, increased poverty, a lot of countries are using other things to divert its people from what is actually going on, and most of the times it works but it still doesn’t change the issue at hand. Another example; is the popular YouTube Murad Merali, who pretty much used his past trauma to deflect from his wrong doings instead of taking accountability. Anyway, comment your thoughts below and lets discuss further.

2 thoughts on “A Blur Between Social Media And Vulnerability – Let’s Talk about it

  1. Insightful read.. so would you suggest that the lines are blurred because the way people use vulnerability to deflect or relive without resolution? Or would you say the lines are less clear because of education, awareness, and amplification?


    1. It really is a bit of both when you look at it …. It hard to push it all the way to deflect because most people do take accountability. But as for me I would agree more on the lines are blur because education, awareness and amplification (that’s just me)! Thank you so much for reading and share ing your thoughts babes 😊


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