How to wear Floral Prints

Hello my lovelies, trust you are doing well? The floral print is definitely not a new trend it such a staple every spring/summer year after year and don’t we all just love it (or is it just me lol). Don’t you ever wonder what it is about floral prints that we all move towards? I don’t know either but we will be diving into how to style floral dress, are they the new basics, and also which is perfect for which occasion. 

One thing I love about floral print is the versatile element of it and how it can be worn anywhere and styled up or down. You can easily go from sweet and girly to edgy and tomboy in a blink of an eye (puns intended) which makes it perfect for all no matter what style or body shape you have! The possibilities are endless and for me personally, it is a definite mood booster and few high street store that is killing it with right now are Zara & H&M (curated a list here)

Tiny Floral Prints

I will admit this is my favourite type of floral and I think it’s a great subtle way to wear floral just because they can be so intricate and from afar, they form a lot of different patterns. They look softer and a bit more delicate. This mini floral dress from Zara worn backwards is one of my faves in my collection although, it is a deep neck dress I choose to wear it backwards to show my back and I think it is much more flattering that way. Depending on my hair do I can either wear a stud or hoop earrings and I can dress this up with a pair of heels or down with flats or Sneakers. 

Large Floral Prints

H&M are absolutely killing it with this and I have my eyes on a few which will be in my upcoming H&M haul on my Youtube Channel but for now check out my Zara haul because its got some amazing prints in their which I know you will absolutely love. Wearing a large floral prints makes always makes a statement and are so sophisticated. For example, this Zara shirt is a large print but you can see that the colours compliment my skin making it look more sweet and feminine and this can be styled with a lot of things jeans, trouser , shorts or skirt. Florals can be dressed in such a way that it makes you feel sweet and girl, but you can also go straight to edgy and tough making it perfect for everyone.

Zara Crop Tee


Have you ever consider bringing floral as part of a way to style an outfit. This can be by incorporating a bag or shoes into a monochrome or tone down look. I do have a floral mules which I love so much from River Island and I get to incorporate it into my monochrome look. it give an outfit a more fun, girly and playful touch.

Top/ Bottom Or Head-To-Toe

One way to style floral is either wearing it as a top or bottom and a tip is to get a mini dress or a jumpsuit with you can style as a top or as a skirt/trouser by wearing something on top so you get more wears and save more money. So instead of wearing it head to toe making it look overwhelming or too matchy as they go well with a lot of staple colours.

However, if you are into the head to toe look, you can go for a jumpsuit or maxi dress so you get to embrace the whole floral vibes but at the moment I have been seeing people in floral two piece which is so in trend right now paired with what ever you like to get the look you desire. This two piece look is so chic and very comfortable plus you get your money’s worth by styling it other ways instead of together.

Let me know in the comment section if you own a y floral prints and if you have been wearing it this spring summer?

MeiliFisayo xxx

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