Find the best sunscreen protection for your skin

Hello my lovelies, trust you are doing well. Today we are discussing SPF what you need to know, why and best ones for your skin! I hope you are not that person that wears sunscreen only in summer because if you are then you are wearing it all wrong as this need to be worn all year round.

Another thing you should consider when picking SPF for yourself is to remember that skin color, hormone and sensitivity plays a vital role every individual’s skin. But first lets define SPF ….

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The number ie SPF 30, 50 etc shows the product ability to block, absorbs or reflect radiation from UVB (burn rays).


In other words, what I saying is the number will tell you how long the UVB rays from the sun would take to redden “burn” your skin if you apply the sunscreen as directed compared with no sun protection. For example, SPF 30 applied properly, filters out 95% of UVB rays which meaning it would take unto 30 times longer to burn; here is a quick maths to help you,

If you take 10 mins of sun exposure and you have applied your SPF 30 properly all you need is to multiply this by 10 (SPF30 x 10 = 300 mins). this means you have given your skin 300 mins of sun protection.

To add to the above point, SPF 15 filters 93 while SPF 50 filters 98 and you can see these have small margins between them. According to Dr Paul Nassif; did you know the sun is responsible for 90% of ageing skin? The UVA rays tends to reach the deeper layers of the skin which damages collagen and elastin causing sun spots, pigmentation and premature ageing. So, shielding your skin is very important and FYI if you are not incorporation Vitamin C into your skincare routine you need to start now reason is by adding Vitamin C you are inhibiting tyrosinase ( Melanin producer) by decreasing its production. All this equals to a less likely chance of expreincing signs of premature ageing.

What are the best ways to wear SPF

Your sunscreen should be applied after you have moisturised your skin which is also before adding ooo your foundation and you still need to reapply every two hours which I would recommend spray if you have your makeup on. For you body its is after you have put on your body lotion (if you wear some – no judging if you don’t lol). Do bear in mind that applying an SPF daily is really important for long-term beautiful skin, so finding the right one that works for your skin is very important.

Which SPF is right for me

Oily Skin: Using a lightweight moisturiser is the key just because many SPF with higher number tends to be very creamy and thick so adding a light moisturiser will even the thickness of the SPF and won’t make your skin feel sticky and oily or you can opt for oil-free SPF. Thick creams can further cause issues to your skin such as blocked pores and blackheads so opting for lightweight creams, gels, fluids and lotion which are oil free or are not that thick and heavy.

Bleamished / Sensitive Skin: With this skin time when choosing your SPF please factor this two agent chemical and physical as some chemical agent used in sunscreen can cause skin irritation and the most common ingredient is Benzophenones but other chemicals can cause-react to sunlight causing skin irritation. Let not forget SPF with frangance which can also affect the skin and other preservatives. For highly sensitive skin using minor powder sunscreen may be good as you can easily dust it off and it is light weight.

Dry Skin: Try using SPF serums which is hydrating double moisturise your skin which I must say is a great was of protecting your skin which getting more skincare gains.

Dark / Black Skin: One issue we face is the white, chalky cast it leaves on our skin but now there are so many SPF for dark skin which will not leave any white cast. It is just about finding the right brand for you.

I hope you find this post very helpful and I have linked as much SPF for this skin type above.

Meilifisayo xxx

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