The Chicest accessories to style up your outfit X Ruby & Oscar

Hello my lovelies, trust you are doing well? Its time to get dressed up either for running errands or going out; looking chic is always an option! But first, how do you choose and style jewellery to compliment yourself and your wardrobe? That’s what we will be talking about today featuring Ruby & Oscar.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are mine. Click here to read my disclaimer. 

Ruby & Oscar was established by passionate jewellery and fashion purveyors here in the UK, founded on the fundamental premise of offering their customers the most beautifully crafted jewellery of superior quality.

As summer approaches we start to wear or introduced more colours to our wardrobe as well as our pieces of jewellery which I must say is so much fun and as someone who loves bright, mute and floral colours having accessories to compliment them is very essential. In this post, I will be showing you how I have styled these colourful jewelries with an everyday chic outfit.

Peridot Collection – August Birthstone

For this set, I went a bit Parisian with my outfit. I wore a black silk dress with my floral headscarf and another shade of green for the heels. The bracelet sits so well on the bell sleeves and, the stud earring is just perfect for a headscarf, experimenting with these contrasting lengths, shapes, textures, and colours make appealing layers with the ring, necklace, bangle, and even the earrings.

This outfit can be dressed down with a pair of sneakers or flats to meet a friend or two if you are not into heels and for a more minimalistic look you can opt for a few of this jewellery instead of the full set as Ruby & Oscar sells them individually as well. This colour will also pop against a yellow or orange dress.

Princess Cut Citrine – Summer Solstice

A wrap floral dress was what came to mind when I set my eyes on the Princess Cut Citrine and I think I am right. The orange colour came out well with the dress and of course paired with the green heels gave the outfit some colour twirl. The Princess Cut Citrine 9CT come in a white gold pendant necklace with a silver chain and also comes in gold pendant necklace with gold chain so the choice is yours on what you prefer.

This look can also be dressed down with a pair of converse or classic vans or some pair of flats. You can easily layer this look with a black turtleneck (yes the jewellery will still pop I promise) and you are good to head out.

Alexandrite Bezel – June Birthstone

FYI … Alexandrite is a colour changing gemstone. Each stone showcases a unique range of colours and may differ from the display item. I will describe what colour it shows to me it looks more like a tone down or muted blue but it’s photographed as purple. It’s a Gemini lol and if you don’t know I was born in June as well.

I paired it with a louder colour which is my pink two-piece set and a pair of white mules and even though the colour photographed differently it still complimented this outfit (if I do say so myself lol). To dress this look down pair it with chunky trainers and you are good to head out. 

Heart Shaped Swiss Blue Topaz – Summer Solstice

Just because of how rich the colour is I went for a blue suit set and open-toe heels with it and I love how completes the look with a bold boss vibes statement which was what I had in mind. One thing about the blue gemstone is they can be paired with anything in neutral or muted colours and it will complement it nicely.

This look can be styled multi-ways which I have written about and this jewellery will work with all the look I have written if you want more guidance which are perfect look for summer.

Trillion Cut Ruby – July Birthstone

Just like the Blue Topaz I felt the fiery and ambitiousness of this color and decided to break the rules as I see fit (why not); I wore it backward. Dressing up should be fun as well as personal and summer is the time to pretty much break and bend the rules as you like and I like how it came out especially with the richness of the floral dress. 

I also thought this dress was perfect for the statement rings and I love how all colours were able to come through in this dress as well. All the rings are sold separately and are stackable as well depending on the colour you prefer.

Let me know your favorite in the comment section below and all jewellery is linked in the photos.

MeiliFisayo xxxx

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