Hello my lovelies, trust you are doing well. And I hope you are enjoying the little freedom we are having (Uk audience)! Longtime, no skincare talks but first I am sure you are familiar with K-Beauty. Korean skincare has now become so widely received all over the world and today we are talking about the Erborian Brand.

This product I have had for almost a year now and I did do a review on it on my YouTube channel last year which I have linked below or you can tap here. The red pepper pulp which by the way is not “minty” or “peppery” at all so don’t let the name scare you; we will be talking about the packaging, texture, ingredient, fragrance, price, and my overall thought. 

This product is one of their award-winning product contacting Korean super-ingredient known for its energizing properties boosting skin glow and the red pepper extract is from the pulp of the fruit, making it gentle on the skin and powerful on radiance. They said it is meant to leave your skin feel softer and youthful-looking after four weeks of using it. 

Packaging & Texture

The packaging is a red bottle with a white cap and white easy-to-read words. For the price, they can definitely put a bit more effort into the packaging so I will be giving it a 5/10. For the texture, it is a lightweight orange color cream which I can only describe as a serum texture. When applied to the skin it does melt in very quickly and evaporate very quickly and I must say it leaves my skin a bit dry which is the opposite of what it should do right? I did later find out when used on top of my serum and before my moisturizer my skin gets a bit of radiance. So for that, I will Arte it 5/10 as well. 

Ingredient & Fragrance

The major ingredient in the product is Capsicum annum which is the red pepper extract and this is known for its energizing and antioxidant properties which aim to boost skin radiance. It also contains Niacinamide which all skincare guru loves and this helps to maintain hydration but for me, I notice product contact this ingredient leave my skin dry (comment below if it does for you or not!). the other two major ingredients are Licorice root extract which is an antioxidant and Sodium hyaluronate which helps prevent dehydration. 

Oh yes, it is slightly fragranced!

Price & Overall Thought

This product cost £19 for 20 ml excluding delivery (when purchased online) and you can get 50 ml for £45 which for me it is a bit pricey but what do I know ehn…

For my overall thought, I think it’s worth trying because I have few friends that this has worked for and they love the product but for me, it is a maybe in terms of repurchasing. I think this product is perfect for combination/sensitive oily skin because that’s the bracket the people that love it falls into but for normal to dry skin I think it is not for us; expect you reapply multiple times a day then yes and that means the brand get you to buy more very quickly. Would I be repurchasing it emmm I don’t think so but I am open to trying the paste though.

Let me know in the comment section if you have tried this brand before and what product. 


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