Hello my lovelies, trust you are doing well? I am well thank you for asking (*in your mind*). I don’t know about you but I want to believe we all struggle in finding the perfect jeans for our body and with so many brands on the this thing called the “internet” we can get consume and just go for joggers instead (or maybe that’s just me lol). Anyway, today we are talking straight leg jean which if you don’t know it a major fashion trend right now!

Disclaimer: The items discussed contains affiliate links. Read here about this.

But first, lets discuss who straight leg jeans fits better on or lets say what body type it works best on and these are curvy ladies and also petite ladies. I fall into the petite category and after trying a few on which I have linked my Asos haul below of me trying 8 different brands which was pretty interesting (click the video below to watch and subscribe to my channel).

So let’s dive into how to find the perfect straight leg jean?

Know your body shape!

This is pretty simple but it is a step we forget when we are shopping online because our brain thinks because it works for that model it will look good on you ermmm hate to break it to you babes it doesn’t work that way. As I have said earlier straight leg jeans will work best if you body is curvy or you are petite and if your are both which I think I am then this is perfect. so you don’t feel left out because you are not this body shape see below which is good for you.

Pear-Shaped Body: Wide leg, high waisted, Boot-cut and Dark washes.

Tall Girls: Longer length jeans , Mid or Low rise,

Curvy Body: Not too stretchy , Dark Washes, Straight-leg

Petite: Cropped styles, Faded Washes, Straight-leg, High-rise, Skinny

Try as many brands as you can

Like I mentioned earlier I went on Asos and ordered 7 straight leg jeans from 7 different brands not because I am dump is just because the well the pandemic caused it so here we are… but that’s not the point. The point is give yourself time and experiment as much as you can before you commit to one and try on new styles and colours. For example, in my Zara haul I ordered a hot Pink straight leg jeans but of course it was way to long but it looked so cute click here to watch.

Go up a size

Jeans sizes are so fickle to switching up sizing is very important for my Asos haul I ordered some in size 6 and some in size 8. This will help me know if I will be sizing up or down in that brand and I think its the best idea ever lol because Jean are meant to look fitted and flattering to your waistband.

I really hope this has helped you and I have linked all the jeans I showcase in the video below so do check it out and enjoy the video as well.


  1. Thank you for sharing this post, I like my jeans loose and not so fitted so I can say finding my size isn’t such a hassle, but finding shades of blue I like is the real war.

    Engaging post sis, well done 👍🏽

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