Hello my lovelies, trust you are doing well? If you haven’t heard or used Hyaluronic Acid them I am here to educate you and hopefully explain why you probably need it in your skincare regime. So let’s get into it!

Disclaimer: The items discussed contains affiliate links. Read here about this.

We will specifically be talking about the Me+ Hydration Booster which is a Superdrug brand and we will talk through on packaging, price, texture, ingredient, fragrance, and my overall thought.

Packaging & Price

It a brown clear glass bottle with a black pipette lid and the labeling sticker is in green and white with black fonts which are very clear to read. I love the packaging but make sure you don’t let it fall on a hard surface because it will break as it is a glass bottle. This product you can get has a sheet mask, in 30 ml and 100 ml bottle so the choice is yours. The price for this product is £5.99.

Texture & Fragrance

It is a clear white thick liquid and slimy as well which I love makes you feel like you are applying aloe vera on your face but it does dry out fairly quickly. It has no fragrance which is also good if you are sensitive to fragrance and this makes it worth investing in the product.

Ingredient & Overall Thought

This Me+ Hydrating Booster is said to boost moisture and help with the appearance of dehydrated skin after 4 weeks of use. It is infused with 2% Hyaluronic Acid, the solution is a highly successful blend of hydrating ingredients which have a distinctive range to bind and retain water molecules leaving your skin feeling plumper and firmer. I would advise you to use this at night time because your skin will get the best effectiveness of the product and also to use once or twice a week to slowly introduce into your skincare routine. Below is a YouTube video explaining the showing you the product.

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