5 THINGS TO NOT DO ON Valentine’s Day

Hello my lovelies, trust you are doing well! Yes, we are in the month of what they call “Love Month” and a lot of us tend to get more emotion as February 14th draws closer. I am here to tell you I know that feeling too well and I am not going to lie and say it’s not slowly creeping in because it is, however, what we are not going to do is these 5 things I am here to talk about so let’s go!

Drink Heavily

As we all know this can lead to a lot of things cough calling or texting that ex and pouring out your feelings and this is one of the numerous questionable decisions that we make after we have had way too many of our favorite type of alcohol. All I am saying is Be wise okurrrr, it’s that simple as having some juice or water, and taking a few deep breaths or a walk can easily clear your head. We are all in quarantine and please don’t let the pressure of valentine to drive you to drinking way too many and saying to yourself you are fine. I am not saying don’t drink but be wise and know your limits because you don’t want to regret your actions the next day when you are sober.

Stop Bragging/ Complaining

Can we start with the braggers on Valentine’s day! I am sure my timeline and explore page on Instagram will be flooded with that cringing couple of photoshoots, roses, and chocolates which I don’t mind but common! You my lovely need to take a deep breath and not remind me again of how you met Joe or Janet in 2010 is it not getting boring every year and I have to double-tap and comment even as the good online friend that I am. don’t get me wrong I am happy for you for reminding me you have found internal happiness and I am here to remind you that you are rubbing salt in my wound which of course I am usedd to because you do this every year but I hope you are aware now.

Now for the complainers; you need to take several seats as there is no point grumbling about the fact that you are single because I didn’t inflict that on you as it was your choice due to your selectiveness. Yes, it sucks but when you really think about it you are just one of the million other people who don’t have that special someone in their life and I know it can be lonely but on a positive note you have yourself which I consider a great thing don’t you think? One of the positive of being single is can order yourself a gift or take out and you can finish that bottle of wine you love (as per my first point know your limit) and the best part is you don’t have to shave for anybody.

Please do not cry

I know it a weird day that brings weird feelings for both couples and single people ie out-of-the-world good or bad gifts, loads of hugs or kisses, or none at all please just don’t cry. I advise you to keep that tears of joy or whatever it is for later and for when it is actually worth it and not just because it’s February 14 like that’s just ridiculous right?

Don’t Have Sex

Hear me out before you hang me okay! spicing up for your partner is all great and well but please can we leave the one night stands alone and for those spicing it up cough you night end up making a quarantine baby which I am not totally again but if that not what you want to practice your safe sex which is whatever that means to you both. That’s all lol!

Don’t break up with someone

I want to save the best for last. Although, this is common sense there are some people out there that don’t give a heck so this is for you and I am here to tell you it is not a good idea so please do it on February 13th or 15th lol. No matter how short or long that relationship or situation ship is please don’t ruin that day for that person for the rest of their life that is just not nice as you don’t want them to carry that memory of you leaving them for the rest of their life and we have a lot going on right now like lockdown so mental health is very important.

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Meilifisayo xxx

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