Having a Cardi B Mentality

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are doing well? I came across a video about Cardi B rose to stardom analysis and I just want to share what I picked on. Let me begin by saying we all know Cardi B if not please google her and you will know who and what she is about. So, back to my topic ” How to have a Cardi B mentality”? These are the major tools I feel like we need to imply into our own life.


If you watch her on love and hip hop new york you notice how she chose and pick her battles although we didn’t get to see much of behind the scenes of her learning more about her craft. However, one thing we did see is how she navigates towards the “distraction” surrounding her like the partying, men, alcohol, etc it was more of using that platform to be seen and be liked by all which worked well in her favor. Let’s bring that back to our own life; the first thing we need to identify is the “distraction” that surrounds us and how we can block them out completely. For me, at some point my distraction was friends and always want to feel among; such as working towards that girls trip spending my salary, going to that event or party even tho it doesn’t benefit me, been on the phone till early morning with a friend even tho I had to go to work early. I had to do a soul seraching and take a step back to see that this wasnt working with my goal or dreams. I wanted that house at a certain age or archive certain things at a certain age and I had “distraction” I needed to cut out which I did. Was it easy? No

In life, if you are not “focus” on your own dreams and goal you will either end up being left at the bottom of the barrel or just being a follower. The choice is yours? Back to Cardi B, if you watch her on this show you will think she is not the talented one among all the other ladies but yet she won and left them all behind. Let me just let that sink in …..

Be in your own bubble

When you know you are surrounded by “distraction” you have to create your own bubble-like some may say that “the journey to the top can be lonely” and it is true but if you are lucky to have that one person or people who keep you grounded and focus then that is amazing. You need the push or push yourself to get the result you want and the goals you want to achieve. I saw an interview of her on breakfast show a while ago on how she used to always do birthday shows, small parties etc; these are steps and trust me people are watching and noticing the drive in you. So, when you get to your peak you will get the recognition you deserve.

Stand out and show leadership

You might be asking how do I do this? Well, it simple. All you need to do to get seen by the people you either want to learn from or in Cardi case be well know which is finding a reality show to propel her. For example, you want to be a CEO? Know the business so well by learning from the people at the top in that field and be best at it and when you decide to go create your own path trust me you will get their blessing.

Lets me round this up by saying the key step is to stay focus and when you get that in check the rest will follow and try not to get sidetracked. Comment your thoughts below on this topic and let have a discussion. 

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2 thoughts on “Having a Cardi B Mentality

  1. Thanks, this is amazing. You must understand yourself, develop your talent,read biographies of great men and women, focus on your brand, give it a special flavour that is peculiar to your product and always thank God.
    Go for it you are a winner.

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