Books I read in year 2020 | Review

Hello my lovelies, hope you are doing well and taking care of your mental health because I know it has been hard for everyone. I would say I have read more books last year plus made a few coins from it and you know what I am not mad at it at all. Today, we will be talking about four books that I have read and of course all links to get yourself one will be in this post.

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1. Children of Virtue & Vengance

If you have not read the first book click here for the review so you will understand the story line okurrrr. In the 2nd series, Magic is here but there is a plot twist because the worse happened which is Magic was distributed evenly. Orisha which has two types of people has now become three; the Maji (born with Majic), the Kosidan (No Magic), and the Titan (given Magic). Let the war for power begins.

The Children of Vengeance and Virtue

This series brought out lots of questions; Will Zelie succeed in uniting Orisha? Will good Majic win? Who will kill the Queen and who rose from the dead? Will Zelie and Amari find love again?, Who will get the crown, etc. I find myself rooting for the good and bad people because I see their view and reason as to why they act the way they did. I felt their pain and hurt; the characters in this book are fascinating and I am so invested in them all. Click here to shop.

2. My Sister the Serial Killer

I didn’t a get ready with me on my YouTube channel and I talked about the story in a lot more details so if you are interested and want to know more click here. The books follows the journey of a two sisters the eldest is Ayoola and Korede is the youngest and they are in their mid or late 20s but still lives in their family home and their dad has passed away. Korede is the serial killer and Ayoola is pretty much the cleaner of who she has killed and the secret stayed between both of them but Ayoola is a nurse and became familiar with one of her patient in coma who she talks to about everything.

My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

Yes, including the men her sister has killed and what she has done for her sister until the man eventually work up and retained most of the information. Korede is portrayed as a young lady with so much sex appeal that men worship and drool over her and she is a social media influencer. The ending is shocking and sort of a game changer if I must say so myself . Click here to shop.

3. Bread Cement Cactus

Disclaimer: This book is from a paid collaboration I did on my instagram with Cambridge University Press. This book is actually a journey back in time and a memoir of a young lady growing up in India from a middle class family. It talked about different tribes culture, lands and people in details from her what she remembered growing up and how she was able to question things as she grows into a teenager and adulthood.

Bread, Cement, Cactus

It is really interesting if you want to know more about the Indian culture and which certain people from different culture behave and how history and either eradicate one culture and blended some together to what it is today. I felt like I could actually visualised India the way she walked through it. Click here to shop.

4. Stay With Me

This book got me so emotional and no book has Ever done that to me, I have been upset, happy and sad. This book walks through the life of a family and the struggles in their relationship and journey to parenthood. Mostly, about the wife journey than the man and what she had to do to save her marriage and have children in the early 1900s as a Yoruba woman. When I said she did EVERYTHING she can back in those day I felt her pain and I questioned why she did it and not just walk about even though that’s what she did at the end but why not sooner before it got worse.

Stay With me by Ayobami Adebayo

There was so much lies and deception which mostly brought out my anger because trust me this stuffs still happen even in this day and age and all I can do is pray for any woman out there going through it to have the strenght to walk away. Even when she got pregnant you won’t believe her Husband thought it was a lie and she was delusional until she actually gave birth and sadly lost that child. Talk about double trauma of no one believing you are pregnant then having the child and later in the future losing that child like WTH. Anyway, this is actually one of the secret but there is so so many you just have to ready for yourself. Click here to shop.

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12 thoughts on “Books I read in year 2020 | Review

  1. Wow. I will love to read My sister the Serial Killer for sure, I think I heard of that book sometime ago and I found the title seemed interesting. Thanks for the review.

    Stay with me sounds good but I am not sure if I want the heartbreak 🙂

    Great Reviews. Thank you

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