Ways to style a Blazer for all Season

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are doing well? In this post I will be showing and telling you ways to style a blazer all season which if you follow me on Instagram you will have see I did a how to style video on my IGTV but you know I can’t just leave it there as it also belong on blog too hehe.

1. Full Set Look

If you have a matching trousers of the blazer then going monochrome is the way. For summer you can just wear your bra alone underneath or a crop top and make sure it is the classic white or black because they go with every thing while for the winter this is when you switch to a high neck top or full turtleneck top and yes stick to white or black. I paired mine with mules but for winter I will go for flat shoes or boots. I have shown you these look in the summer style so you can just switched to the autumnal one if you live in cold places.

2. Wear Joggers or Trousers

I am wearing a Blue blazer and you can see I have paired it with a kahki cargo joggers and a black crop top with black slides, that’s definitely a statement look right hehe .. I know. For my other look, I went for a black leather trouser and paired with my classic van but for autumn the only thing I will add is a turtleneck. Blazer are so early to experiment with colours and are very forgiving which is one thing I love about them and because this is a summer look for autumn I would swap the top with high neck top or full turtleneck and depending on the weather I will still wear the UGG slide just because they are so cosy and might wear a black ankle sock if I want or you just go for flat shoes or boots.

3. Wear Denim

Trust me you can’t go wrong with a pair or blue or black denim and the length or fit doesn’t matter. For me, I have paired it with a white graphic Tee and bootcut denim with my white hurrah sneakers which I absolutely love. There are several ways I could have styled this in the summer to look more classic for a date I would have gone for a long denim with heels and still rock my graphic Tee (of course tucked in) or wear this same look with heels as well. However, for autumn depending on how cold it is I can still wear this or wear booth (i.e. Knee/thigh high boots) and maybe swap the top for turtleneck.

4. Wear Cycle Shorts

I bet you are think “even in winter” hell yes in winter. This is wear the boots comes out to play especially thigh high boots and underneath layer with simple turtleneck (if you don’t have a black or white turtleneck in your wardrobe I am judging you). For me I went for easy look here pairing it up with my UGG slippers and this bag is actually a scarf hehe which I saw how to do on Tiktok hehe and I love the fact that I can drap my blazer on my shoulder which is so cute. For autumn, you can wear exactly this and just swap for boots and you are good to go.

5. Wear Just the blazer

I know you thinking this won’t work in autumn just just roll with me here. For my summer look I paired with shorts and my cosy UGG Oh Yeah Slides with belt but for autumn I will forget the belt and either wear a turtleneck underneath or a black hoodie with some tights and the same slides or boots. Now that is your autumnal vibe which I absolutely love doing especially with a black hoodie.

I hope I have been able to expose you to styling your blazer multiple ways and do comment below which one you have tried or will be trying okay and in my next post I will be showing you how to style the pants/trouser

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9 thoughts on “Ways to style a Blazer for all Season

  1. I have several blazers in my wardrobe and have only ever worn them one way – as the full set. So I love how you’ve shown different ways people can wear a blazer, and I especially love the idea of wearing it alone or with cycle shorts. Thank you for sharing. 😊

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