3 Ways To Style Button Down Shirt

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are doing well? I am well thank you for asking :). Today we going to talk fashion and it is all about ways on maximizing one item in your wardrobe which is your button-down shirt. I will be showing you three ways in which you can style this and this also goes for blazers as well but you might need a belt to hold it in place. 

The Collarbone look

This is where you unbutton 3-4 top buttons and draped over your shoulder showing off the collar bone and you can either decide to tuck it in or tie a knot. There is just something very flattering and sultry about showing those love-bones as some might call it off and in the hot weather, it is so needed. Let me know in the comment below if you have tried this look or if you will be trying this look. FYI this will work better on a shirt that is not so fitted or tight, just to get the best result. This style has been my go to style this summer and I am so enjoying it, hence, why I am sharing this with you as well.

off shoulder button down shirt

The smart cropped look

This is where you button the first 3-4 top button and roll each corner then using a rubber band to tie it and tuck it in at the back. This look works best with anything highwaisted and showing a bit of skin and demarcation between your upper stomach and waist is just so sultry. I really enjoyed wearing this style this summer a lot.

smart crop button down shirt

Turn Backwards

Yes, you heard that right. Turn your button-down shirt backward gurl and you can either have an open back or if you wish you can button the backup. The choice is yours to play around with this look. I prefer to have some sort of open back and I then tuck in the shirt into my trouser and you are smart in front but sultry at back. if you have jewelry that drips you can add this to the look and it will be perfect.

I really hope you enjoyed this and I will be bring another hack talk soon so be ready okay. And you enjoyed things like this you need to start following me on Instagram so you get to see it first.

backless button down shirt

Meilifisayo xxxx

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