15 ways to style a scarf X Arewa

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are doing well? Thanks for asking I am doing well do and staying safe as well. In my previous fashion post, I told you I have been doing some styling video and giving you ideas on how to maximise your wardrobe. If you haven’t seen what I styled in that post click here right now before you continue reading.

I also mention in the previous post about how I will be discussing or showing you more black-owned businesses on here. Arewa (means The beautiful one in Yoruba) is black-owned and yes I styled this scarf 15 ways gurl to check out the brand you can click here. I will be showing you some of my favorite ways so let’s get into it, shall we. The first one is for my modest fashionista and if you are not well don’t wear a top like I did and yes it is basically tying the scarf in front and making it a top and to add a bit of vavavoom  I paired it with my cat eye glasses which never fails me (Click here for full video).

Arewa scraf

The second look is simple what I did was fold the scarf and make a knot in the middle giving me this cute headband and I placed it in the middle. FYI, you can slide it to the left of right too gurl if you was that look and the third look instead of tying it I left it folded and created another headband (like whattttt). To see full video click here.


For this fourth look, I went for the easiest and simple which is just tying it around my bun and I so love it but if I had a straight ponytail I can also braid the scarf giving it another look.


Fifth look here, I just tied it as a scarf but with a character which is showing a sneak peek of my laid hair and this helps bring out my face more. The final look I am going to talk about on the blog is my favorite out of the 15 look which is for my girls which thick hair is to tye the scarf facing forward and making a cute knot in the front to see how I did that click here for the video.


On my next blog post, we will be talking about Make-up products and my soft slam look as you can see your girl is looking hella fine right hehe. Let me know your fave and which one you will be trying out and feel free please so share this blog with everyone.


Meilifisayo xxx


4 thoughts on “15 ways to style a scarf X Arewa

  1. I love this! It’s great to see alternative options like this. I think half of the time when we get bored of a piece it’s because we’re bored of how we’re styling it rather than the item itself. Lots of options is always useful. I love how it looks with the middle knot x


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