Blogger guide 101 – Part 2

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are doing well. It has been a hard few weeks and I truly hope you are taking a break from social media as we all need to from time to time, and for my white readers I hope you are taking this time to educate yourself and using your white privilege for good. 

If you do need me to talk about the black lives matter and educate you about things all you need to do is say yes in the comment below and I will write a blog post on what is going on, what is white privilege, how to use it, books to read and movies to watch, etc. 

Okay! now lets dive into this topic if you haven’t read part 1 Click here lovely and catch up so it all makes sense okurrrrr. 


Write like you talk = Personality. 

Omg, this is the key to your sauce. Write a blog post, caption, etc like you are talking to a friend or a group of friends and that is the only way you can stand out. You know what because no one is you and your voice, style is unique. Mind you not everyone will like how you talk but who cares so loosen up and show your personality. Just be fun with each post (ie I use slang like Okurrrrr, lol, hehe and even my language, etc) as no one likes to read a serious and moody post, the more fun you have with the post the more engage the reader will be and might even subscribe. 

Another thing you should keep in mind when starting a blog is to write to educate, motivate or inspire as your blog is 80% for your audience and 20% for you and the same goes for all social media platforms. No one what to read about your life every time with no way of it impacting them on their situations but what you can do is turn that life experience to how it can benefit your reader, for example, losing weight journey it’s about you but you are sharing tricks and tips on what you do daily to reach your goal (hope that make sense hehe).  

The truth is with blogging now no one is interested in your situation but what you can teach them so even if you want to talk about your personal struggles find a way to teach them something through it. 


I know you have seen and heard this a lot and trust me it is very important but to an extent. Just because you want to be consistent doesn’t mean you should produce a quantity blog post as that doesn’t yield results so always thrive to produce a quality post. However, remember to not burn yourself out so take time to step aside and recharge as that doesn’t make you weak it makes you come back stronger and wiser. For me, when I take breaks from my blog, I still stay active on at least all my social media platforms, so my audience doesn’t get bored or feel forgotten. So try to stay active on the platform that brings more traffic as much as you can.


Prepare to fail so many times and make mistakes as that is what will keep inspiring you to go harder. I have heard bloggers talk about is blog dying due to fewer comments or engagement, Instagram algorithms, not getting traffic, etc, and how it is bringing them down. I have heard and experienced it all but the good thing I see in the blogging community is that they keep posting they keep showing up no matter the struggle so do that too. 

Read about other blogger’s mistakes and learn from them so you won’t have to make the same mistake and always feel free to slide into a blogger DM and ask questions. Don’t be shy or feel like they won’t answer so take the incentive to ask first and if they ignore you ask someone else until you get an answer. I will leave you with this quote below!

“Expect the best. Prepare for the worst, Capitalize on what comes” – Zig Ziglar. 

I really hope you find this useful and have equipped you in your journey of starting your own blog. 


Meilifisayo xxxx

17 thoughts on “Blogger guide 101 – Part 2

  1. Great tips, thank you! I would also appreciate if you did want to do a post about BLM as I’ve been educating myself as much as I can, however I think that as much information as possible is important, especially as you would know a lot about the topic I assume? Thank you so much:)

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  2. You made so much sense, people need to understand that your personality does a lot to how you’re perceived & addressed, it also affects the kind of people that’ll reach out to you. I am personally working on this factor & then consistency.

    Nice one girl. If you really want to go ahead and write about BLM then you’re free but if it’ll be draining kindly skip.


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  3. I couldn’t agree more. Personality I always say to myself I am not being myself then something is wrong. Failure- I always love trying new things. Scary at times but after a few failed attempts I get the hang of things. Consistency- I alway thrive for but I always make sure am looking after myself and family first too. For me a truely believe that asking others for help or guidance is the way to improve yourself always.

    Love this post.

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  4. Your statement at the begining of your blog is quite interesting and somewhat intriguing. Do tell, sis…what is this white privilege and how do I use it? I must be missing something as I always had to work hard for anything I have achieved so far. Please educate me, I must be doing something wrong.

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