Books to Read – My Recommendation

If you haven’t picked up a book to read in your life or you haven’t picked up a book to read in the past 8 years (like me), this is for you to read.

That is if you are into fiction, fantasy, drama, and family and relationships then the books I am about to recommend are definitely for your eye to penetrate through and indulged in. First and foremost, have you seen my latest blog post yet it’s all about fashion (click here)  to check it out?

As a Nigerian, I wanted to explore more of my culture, and one way I have adapted this into my life to read books written by Nigerians showcasing our culture in every way.  Have you ever read a book and feel like you are actually inside the story? If your answer is no then you are absolutely missing out. I will be sharing with you my top three books to pick and read for the year 2019.

1. Children of Blood and Bones

This book is written by Tomi Adeyemi a young Nigerian-American. The book follows the life of a young girl called Zelie Adebola whose mission is to bring back magic to the land of Orisha. In the history of Orisha, there had been two types of people, the Maji (they have magical abilities) and the Kosidan (normal humans) and both were part of the nobles of the land. Until king Saran became king and ordered raids to kill all the Maji in the land and also silence the gods which then contributed magic been eradicated from the land.

Chosen by the gods were Zelie who is a Maji (Oya: Maji of life and death), Tzain (Zelie brother – Kosidan), Amari (Princess of Orisha) were sent on a quest to complete in order to bring magic back to the land of Orisha.

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From the way, they all met, to the obstacles they all faced on their way, to the way they found love and may or may not have lost love is just captivating and super interesting to read. The book is a trilogy so another one is due to come out in June and guess who has pre-ordered on amazon – ME!!!. You can get it on Amazon as cheap as £5.99 at the moment so go get it and thank me later. Click here to shop

After waiting over a year (updates lol), I got my hands on the second book and let just say I am already waiting for he third book to come out already.



In the 2nd series, Magic is here but there is a plot twist because the worse happened which is Magic was distributed evenly. Orisha which has two types of people has now become three; the Maji (born with Majic), the Kosidan (No Magic), and the Titan (given Magic). Let the war for power begins.


This series brought out lots of questions; Will Zelie succeed in uniting Orisha? Will good Majic win? Who will kill the Queen and who rose from the dead? Will Zelie and Amari find love again?, Who will get the crown, etc. I find myself rooting for the good and bad people because I see their view and reason as to why they act the way they did. I felt their pain and hurt; the characters in this book are fascinating and I am so invested in them all. Click here to shop





2. The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives

If you watch Nigerian movies which I know you do this is so up your street, I mean it’s funny and it captures the realities of ordinary Nigerian family life. The book follows the life of  Baba Segi polygamous family life and what led to him wanting to have those women as his wives. It also follows the life of the individual wives and what led to them marrying Baba Segi and how they all accommodate each other until Bolanle who came into the family as the fourth wife starts to disrupt the household. Click here for the link

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The other wives’ hatred for Bolanle led to unraveling the big secrete in the family and few losses and win as well. My favorite quote in the book is this

“T A J U The rich have fat bellies. They swagger until the world swings to one side. They see more food and they lunge at it. They have permanent hunger, you see. For the poor, it’s different. They have never known the taste of fullness so they stand erect. They scramble for leftovers, not because they are hungry but because they want to know the fullness, the contentment that makes the rich think the world is theirs.”

This book costs £6.49 on Amazon at the moment. Click here for the link

3. Akata Witch

This book follows the life of a young albino girl named Sunny Nwazue who moved to Nigeria with her family from New York. Her secondary school classmates Orlu and his ChiChi have a magical ability like Sunny but they had to initiate her into the group by their teacher Sasha who is also American like Sunny.

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After learning how to use her magic powers the follow the life of four of them and their mission to stop a serial killer with magical abilities and who is stronger than they are but together they can conquer. This book is book also has a second part called Akata Warrior which I will be reading soon as well. Click here to shop.







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This book costs £7.41 on Amazon at the moment. Click here for the link


MeiliFisayo xxxx

22 thoughts on “Books to Read – My Recommendation

      1. Yes! I highly recommend it cause you can make challenges of how many books you want to read in a year and keep track easily. If you love books I think you’ll love the site


  1. The list is intriguing and I really want to get my hands on The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives because I really want to know what happen when Bolanle came into the family and disrupt the household. Also I second that quote. If you don’t mind, can I write it on my journal as ‘quote of the week’?

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  2. These sound like really interesting books! I’m trying to read both more contemporary literature and fewer books by old, dead white men, so will be adding these to my ‘to be read’ list!

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