Binge Watch Series during Quarantine Part I

Hello my lovelies, hope you are doing well and staying safe at home? We are in a strange time and I just want to stress that limiting yourself from going out as much as possible is very important.

Let me start by saying, doing nothing and taking this time to pause, rest and chill is good, so, don’t let anyone make you feel bad because they are exercise more, cooking more, shopping more, etc. Now, let’s get into things or activities you can do while at home.


There are so many shows on Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Sky or cable  (if in the UK) that you can watch and I will give you a list of what I have binged watch and recommend you try.

On Youtube; you can learn something new, catch up on your fave, binge on some series. If you want my recommendation on Nigerian series the list are:

  • Skinny girl in transit, Rumor has it,
  • This is it, Phases,
  • The men’s club, Assistant Madam,
  • Corper shun, The Sojjis

On Netflix here are some of the series I have binged on;

  • Locke & Key, The stranger, Good girls
  • The Witcher, You, Queen of South (Season 1 so good and got bored after)
  • Money Heist, Raising Dion, Cable Girls (Spanish)
  • Ozark, Kingdom (Korean), Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventure (Chinese)
  • Monarca (Spanish), Betty en NY (Spanish), The visit (Nigerian)
  • Glow, Seven dates (Nigerian), Okafor’s Law (Nigerian)

On Amazon here are some of the series I have binged on;

  • Hustlers,
  • Carnival roll, Good omens,
  • Aeronauts, Jack Ryan

One last show I will highly recommend you watch is on the BBC channel which you can watch on catch up is call Noughts and crosses. Hope this will entertain you during this lockdown easter period and please stay safe.


Meilifisayo xxx

13 thoughts on “Binge Watch Series during Quarantine Part I

  1. I watched Kingdom too and loving it. Not really a fan of korean drama set in the Joseon era but Kingdom is different from the other dramas.
    Currently watching Never Have I Ever and The Leftover on netflix. I want to watch The Witcher too but I’m scared that it might be too… heavy (?) for me like Game of Thrones. Maybe I should just give Season 1 a watch.

    Thanks for the recommendation and I loveeee your blog.

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    1. Never have I ever is good watched that too. The Witcher is different from GOT and if you like Kingdom you will like it. It is a slow start but you will get it. Need to see leftover.


  2. You’re the second person I’ve read today recommending Money Heist – I think it’ll have to go on my watch list! Also I was always drawn to GLOW but have somehow managed to not see it yet – now’s as good a time as any I guess!

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