Blogger guide 101 – Part 1

Hello my lovelies, welcome back hehe. This post is for my new, upcoming bloggers and I hope this helps you in one way or form.

The “Why” question

Have you ever thought about starting your own blog? The first question you should ask yourself is why you want to start your blog and trust me no matter how silly your answer is to this question just start. I remember when the thought came to my mind and my answer was “I just want to document my thoughts and personal style”. To be honest with you that is exactly what I do on my blog and other social media platform.

Finding your niche

I know a lot of bloggers talk about finding your niche and it can be a little hard to understand in the beginning trust me it took me over a year to understand what it meant and how to apply it. So, here is my two-sense of what a niche is. If you chose to be just a fashion blogger you must center your blog with everything relating to fashion. You can’t talk about fashion today and then later talk about a fitness routine, food recipes, or animal-related topics. You must incorporate fashion into everything; if it has to do with fitness your attention has to be focused on what you are wearing more than what you are doing at the gym. If it is a food you want to incorporate into being a fashion blogger it must be about the outfit you wore to the restaurant, the taste of the food and the décor of the restaurant and not about the recipes as that is for a food blogger.

Another way to look at it is based on the audience. A fashion audience will be different from a food, fitness or animal lover audience, etc. You want your readers to know you for something and if its fashion you want them to see you has the fashion girl/boy lol. For example, put yourself in a reader shoe, imagine your fave blogger who talks about fashion suddenly started talking about food recipes, or workout routine I bet you will lose interest in them after a while as their niche as shifted and its not what you signed up for right?

Hence, why you see bloggers picking a different niche and using it to help expand their blog. As a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger my niche is wider as I can incorporate all these three parts into my blog so am not limiting myself to just one niche. However, if I were to start talking about fitness it will be weird as that is not part of my bio or topics I am known for. I hope I am making more sense now in what niche means and how it relates to the path you want to take. So, pick wisely and what you are good at before launching your blog.


What will differentiate your blog from others is the amount of knowledge you accumulate before writing a blog post. Research can lead to two things; it either triggers an emotion which makes you write your thoughts by questioning what you have read for example when I wrote Marrying your best friend is such a cliche.  Or it can teach you something which makes you want to share with your readers which for me is my fashion ideas and lifestyle post. Research sharpens you by helping you know more in terms of how to blog, what app to use and how to use it, what’s trending etc. As a blogger, you have to be constantly learning and improving every day so don’t stop researching and the best people to learn from are (drumroll) your fellow bloggers. Read their blogs on things you want to learn, attend their online classes as most of them do it for free, watch their live videos and the best place to learn more is going on youtube.

I will stop here and watch out for part 2 will be coming soon so stay tuned; I got you *wink


Meilifisayo xxx

21 thoughts on “Blogger guide 101 – Part 1

  1. Hey… I really like this writeup and I have wanted to be a blogger for a while now. I have a question I hope you will answer. This blog or rather website, what website builder was used to open this site, I like the look, theme and arrangement. I am hoping you will answer me. Thank you

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  2. hello again !! is there some personal way i can contact you like via email or something … i want to ask a couple of things about blogging as i am new to this entire setup …thanks
    Emily Rose

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  3. I see niche come up a lot and I don’t think that it’s something that I ever really followed despite knowing that it will not get me a lot of followers, but I think personally that is okay because I feel like my site is a blog as well as a personal site. 🙂

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  4. Found this post (series) at the perfect time, I’ve been working on revamping my blog and sometimes find it so important to take a step back and remind myself of the “why”
    Great post love, thanks so much for the help!
    xo Bri

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