Is Snake Prints for 2020

Hello my lovelies, Happy new year!!! This fall season one of the most trendy fashion was the incorporation of prints from leopard to snake prints and others in between.

And yes I have both hehe but today we are talking about the snake prints and it is somewhat a classic and a perfect way to spice up your outfit. This year 2020 is all about sustainability so one piece of this is enough such as a skirt, tops, jacket, trousers or accessories but if you want to get any item stated in any categories listed then go for it. If you know me well I like a good bargain I mean heavily discounted items and this faux leather jacket I am wearing I got from the Zara sales last summer from £29.99 each to £9.99; a win, right? Hell Yeah!

snake print from Zara

To style simple and chic, I am wearing a black turtle neck, trousers, and boots. Like the saying goes “Less is more” which is my motto when it comes to fashion especially when you want to look classy. Although to make it look a bit edgy I went further and added a three-layer gold necklace to it.  I bought this jacket in 2019, one thing I can assure you is that this trend is not going anywhere not in the near future and if it does it will find it’s way back again.

Other ways to style a snake print jacket you can wear a black dress with heels or with boots either black or brown. You can wear a deep nude or brown top with this but this varies depending on your skin tone so try pairing it first. I know it will work well with my skin tone hence why I recommended it.

snake print from Zara

If you think print fashion will disappear soon comment your thoughts below and let’s have a good debate and if you agree with me just comment cosign hehe. One my next fashion upload I will be showing you how to style a snake print suit two ways getting the most out of your money.

snake print from Zara


12 thoughts on “Is Snake Prints for 2020

  1. I like snake print but I have never actually owned anything with it lol. Even when it was popular like 20 years ago or so. I do love your jacket though, it is really cute.

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