Little Red Dress

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are doing well? We are in that raining season where everywhere is just wet and gloomy and it just brings down your mood. Let just saying I miss the sun or dry weather in general.

Although people talk about having LBD or LWD how about another classic which is LRD ehn which is also appropriate for a variety of occasions. Like I said on my Instagram “There is always a shade of red for every woman” and that is the truth. Red comes in so many shades and you can definitely find one for your skin tone and always find one that flatters your shape.


I know a bodycon dress always shows off my curves and all so when I think sexy I immediately gravitate towards those kinds of dress. If you are not unsure of what suits your skin ton, let me give you a hint; some stores do FREE personal shopping so go in there know your tone, fit and explore your style. It will make shopping for yourself easier, I went to John Lewis and I find out so many things about my tone, fit and style.

I have a warm tone so I know I have to always go for nature like tone to compliment my skin color which this dress did; gurl I Slayed hehe. I felt sexy and confident in it as well because the dress is off-shoulder I pull my hair up to show those lovely collar bones and shoulders. I also opt for gold stud earrings and a pair of black simple heels. My advice is always to find a shade and fit that makes you feel confident and amazing.

meilifisayo little red dress

This is a dress you can wear to any occasion and trust me you will stand out. If you would like to see the IG video Click here.


MeiliFisayo xxxx

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