The Bodyshop Body Yogurt Products

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are doing Fantastic! Another beauty products from the BodyShop collaboration; FYI this product are gifted and contain affiliate links but as always all opinion are mine please read my disclaimer.

Full disclosure, I was part of  The BodyShop Beauty Ambassador squad from 2019 and now that it has ended I decided to do a round-up of the body yogurt that I have tried and recommend. All this product is a lightweight formula with 48 hours of moisture.

Ginger Body yogurt

If you are into a zingy refreshing kind of cream this is for you and Yes it does have the ginger fragrance. This is the first body yogurt I tried and I fell in love with it instantly and it is a special edition product so I don’t know how long it will be out for so go grab yours now if you are interested. This is aggrandized with ginger root extract from India and community trade organic almond milk from Spain. You can see I use almost half of it before remembering I had to take photos and share on my social media platform. To purchase click here.


Moringa Body Yogurt

This is my 2nd  favorite and my partner loves the smell on me so I use it mildly as he is always asking if I am wearing a cologne every time I rub this on my skin haha. This has a floral scent of moringa extract from Rwanda and Community Trade organic almond milk from Spain. To purchase click here.


Pink grape Body Yogurt

Every time I use this product the smell and feel just makes me feel relaxed; sounds weird but that is how I feel. It sinks into your skin so beautifully and it’s so lightweight which makes it perfect for the hot season. This is aggrandized with grapefruit extract and community trade organic almond milk from Spain. To purchase click here.


Almond Body Yogurt

If you are a guy or you are thinking of getting your guy a body cream this is perfect just because the smell is very manly (very very mild) and out of all the product that is the one my partner gravitates towards. This is aggrandized with community trade organic almond milk from Spain. However, according to their website, this product was awarded by ELLE international magazine as one of the best beauty product 2019. To purchase click here.

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FYI: I have a YouTube Channel now and if you want to check me out click here


MeiliFisayo xxxx

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