3 Nigerian YT Series to Watch X Fantastic Services

Hello, my lovelies hope you are well? We all know the weekend is meant for chilling and to unwind but I was made more chilled as Fantastic Services came to clean my windows yayyy.

Disclaimer: The service was a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are mine. Click here to read my disclaimer. 

This is not the first time I have used their services or talk about them Click Here and I am always impressed with the result and their professionalism. If you are interested in their services and wondering which areas they cover in the UK Click Here. While my windows were getting a good wash I was able to sit down and bring you three juicy series to binge-watch on Youtube.

However, did you know that YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine and third most visited site after Google and Facebook and 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute? As a proud Nigerian, it won’t be right for me to not let you in on the shows or series that are killing it on YouTube.

Skinny Girl in Transit

This show is about the journey of a young Nigerian lady who is trying to lose weight, find love, balance her career in a typical Nigerian household. It shows you her journey through life and her thoughts on situations she finds herself in. This show is absolutely funny and very relatable if you are born into a West-African home. So, if you are into the proper African show check this out on YouTube and thank me later but if you are already on it then you are my people. Click here to check it out

Copper Shun

This is a comedy show that follows the life of five youth coppers in their NYSC journey coming from different backgrounds and walks of life. It shows you the reality of copper but with a twist as I don’t think what happened to them occurs in reality but their lifestyle is definitely relatable. It’s absolutely hilarious and I was hooked from the beginning till the end. If you want fun, pick me up with a good laugh show I will recommend this for you to watch. Click here to check it out

King woman

This is the most inspirational show I have ever watched in my entire life, it made me cry so much and also makes my heart melts so much and there are bits that are just funny in this strong women’s stories. It is basically a show about different women who talked about their journey in life and how they got to where they are now;. They talk about their struggles, success, disappointments, business strategy, loss, etc it is such a deep show just have a box of tissues.  I will link my top three and I promise you will be motivated, inspired and elevated. I still go back and binge-watch these three when I feel unmotivated. If you follow my Fisayo speak category these women are behind most of the topics as they inspired me to write about these thought-provoking questions they have mentioned.

No 1: Mrs. Jumoke Adenowo | No 2 – Part 1, Part 2: Mrs. Taiwo Ajai-Lycett |No 3: Mrs. Remi Fagbohun

Back to the job well-done, the cleaner arrived on time as scheduled and did an amazing job so I am happy as I haven’t cleaned my windows in 8 months. They have also given a code of £10 off whatever service you choose on their app and extra £10 off if you book online the code is MEILIFISAYO Click Here.

FYI: I have a YouTube Channel now and if you want to check me out click here


Meilifisayo xxxxx

16 thoughts on “3 Nigerian YT Series to Watch X Fantastic Services

  1. I haven’t watched any of the programs you mentioned! They all sound like something I would enjoy though.
    Hope you had a great weekend.
    Thank you for sharing.

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