A visit to Cotswold Lavender Fields

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are doing well?  I have seen so many people talk about their visit to Lavender Fields especially the one in London but I am bringing you a different location and its Cotswold Darling haha!! This is not just a for lavender alone they also grow Chamomile which they started in 2016, they grow two types;

English or Roman Chamomile which is a perennial plant used for lawns and herbal medicine and the German Chamomile is an annual plant also used for herbal medicine.

How to get there

This place is in the middle of nowhere and you can only get there via a car or a coach as I think some hotels might be doing that reason is there is a big parking space that is labeled for coach only. As I am that cool blogger, I will leave the address and website below. I drove there and it took me 1 hour 10 mins to get there but because it is in the countryside it was just smooth driving all the way which is great and you get to see the countryside as well.

If you are traveling via train the closest station is Moreton in Marsh which is 6 miles away, so you still need to get a taxi from the station to the farm.


Best time to visit

According to their website, the best period is between the 8th of June and the 4th of august to see the Lavenders and this is also their harvesting period so you can go into their distillery if they are open. I saw some people in there but I did not go in and I was there from 1pm -2:30pm.



They have a cafe at the farm where you can chill, eat and drink it is absolutely divine. I bought their Vanilla Ice Cream as I was about to leave for £2:50 which I wish I had bought 2 based on the fact that;

  1. It was super hot on this day
  2. It was very very delicious which I finished in 10 minutes lol.

You can shop online (website see below) for Lavender and Botanical products which you can order directly from their website or use their overseas websites and this has 10 countries so do check if yours is there.



I bet you are already thinking so how much is it well like the saying goes you leave the best for last right! I will be doing a comparison as well; it is £4.00 for adults and £2.00 for children age 5-15 yrs. and under 5’s are Free.

Mayfield Lavender farm: £2.50 per adult.  Children 16 and under are free.

Hitchin Lavender Farm: £6.00 for adults and £3.00 under  14’s, under 5’s are Free. Blue badge holders: £4.00 and for extra bags: £4.00.


Details/ Address

Hill Barn Farm, Snowshill, Broadway, Worcestershire WR12 7JY


Meilifisayo xxxx

27 thoughts on “A visit to Cotswold Lavender Fields

  1. The pictures are beautiful I would go just for the ice-cream .. lol I love a smack. I love lavendar and this look amazing I wish we had something like this in the U.S. I’m going to research now. Again lovely pics and your cute outfits are cutesy too! Happy Hump day!

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  2. I don’t live too far from here! I can’t believe I haven’t visited yet. I’m definitely going to take my little girl there, I can imagine the aroma must be beautiful along with the beautiful pictures you can get!
    Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This so badly makes me want to go to one!!!
    And the moment I have a handle on my anxiety enough to so I will be!

    What a lovely post with really lovely pcitres💜

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  4. That sounds like an amazing place, I only know chamomile as in the tea, but I love the little chamomile flowers they remind me of baby daisies. As least that doesn’t sound like too bad of a drive and you got to see the country side. 🙂 The pictures look amazing and you look beautiful in them. 🙂

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