White sneakers outfit ideas

Hello my lovelies, hope you are doing great? I am currently listening to So Mi So by Wande Coal as I write this mind-blowing post for you hahahaha and hopefully am able to convince you on why you need a pair of white sneakers in your collection of shoes (you get lol- wink)

This has slowly become a classic in the recent years and may I even say timeless lol and it’s not a trend that will be going anywhere for years. So in this post, I will show you how I have styled my own white sneaker (well I have just two and that’s enough hehe). Other than the fact that they are hard to keep clean to maintain the white color which is the only downside to it but who cares right! These are my outfit ideas so far and you be seeing more of it in the near future post as it is just my thing to uplift any outfit at the moment.



I have just shown you different ways you can pair it with jeans as you can see I am rocking pinafore, ripped jeans, striped top and plain black top and also let’s not forget me rocking a copper silk skirt with white top plus a silk color block dress.  Some of these outfits are from the previous post so check out How to style Denim, What I wore in Venice – Italy and Pinafore Denim Dress X Caseapp.


FYI: I have a YouTube Channel now and if you want to check me out click here


Meilifisayo xxxx

27 thoughts on “White sneakers outfit ideas

  1. This outfit ideas look so good. I always have trouble coming up with ways to wear sneakers and sometimes I feel like I don’t look good.

    I loved the idea of pairing white sneakers with the white top and orange skirt, and also the slip dress. Those outfits looks really cute and trendy.

    Have a great day.

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  2. Great ideas here! I am always so skeptic to buy/wear white sneakers, but I’ve been dying for a pair of all-white Vans. Now I’ll have to get them because your outfit ideas were amazing! Thanks!

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  3. I can not wear white shoes of any kind lol, I live on a dirt road and they would always be dirty haha. You should see how much dirty tracks into the house back of it, plus more of the yard is dirt/mud and not grass. I do like how timeless and great they look but I just don’t think that I can deal with the upkeep of them since I would have to clean them more than once a day. I did just get 2 new pairs of shoes to replace the one pair of shoes I had lol, I’m horrible at being a female. At least I have more than one pair now 🙂


  4. Got a pair at the start of the summer and I love how you can literally wear them with everything. I even thought about getting a pair ofDoc Martins but for some reason I pair these with polka dot summer dresses and I didn’t have any. Great post!

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