Story Or Tale’s – Time

Hello my lovelies, hope you are well? Its story/tale time today so get that cup of whatever you feel and binge on this hehe.

Ever since I read the Children of Blood and Bones and just recently watched Shes got to have it on Netflix I have been itching to talk a bit my ancestral part of my mother’s side; if you haven’t read that book click here for a review.

One of the reasons why I don’t go to the beach like that is purely based on this story I was told growing up. My (ancestral) great grandmother (from my mum side) was married to the king of the land (ilishan-Remo) and she was the first wife of my (ancestral)  great grandfather.

So one day, drought came over the land and there was no water so people began to die and all sort. To stop the drought the king and his kingsmen called on the native doctor/ herbalist of the land to find a solution to the problem in the land. And the native doctor response was that he needs to sacrifice one of these wives for the problem to go away and never return. He called all his wives and told them but none of them except my great grandmother accept to lay her life for the benefit of the land.

She agreed to sacrifice herself (how selfless right?) and she had to walk through the king’s corridor which is where she turned into water and the water migrated to a village outside Ilishan which I is now a river (till this day). But, there was a key warning to the king which is none of her female descendant/generations must go near that river EVER.

Hence, why the information had been passed down to me by mum and my grandfather also mention that the reason the floor of the corridor is always cool no matter how hot it is because that’s where she turned. People believe she still comes to visit the village every now and again in different form as she’s a mermaid.

But what do I believe?

To be honest with you I kind of believe it in a way as I get some weird vibes at any beach I visit so am that kind of person that doesn’t get excited when I visit or am itchy to visit because the sun is out.

 Would I tell my daughter the same story?

Yes I will so she’s is aware of the tale and if she gets the same weird vibes at beaches she knows about the tales of our ancestors.

Did you enjoy my story/Tale?




11 thoughts on “Story Or Tale’s – Time

  1. I really liked the tale, and I think it would be a nice thing to pass on to your daughter. This can be a family tradition in a way for you.
    Funny enough, I hate the beach lol.

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  2. I adore family legends and I think they are so important to pass down the generations – regardless of whether or not one believes them to be true.
    Thank you for sharing yours! And all rivers lead to the sea, so it makes sense that you get the strange vibes at the beach 🙂


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