How to style a Slip Dress

Hello my lovelies, how are you and hope you are doing Amazing hehe? As you are aware by now that I have branched into the YouTube pool and to also give you a visual way of seeing how I style my outfits and all.

If you haven’t subscribed to my  YouTube Chanel yet please do as that will mean a lot to me and help share if you like a video hehe (thank you). Back to the latest look, I created a while ago,  I have styled my color block slip dress in different ways I  hope you like it. FYI, this dress can be worn all through the season as it is easy to transition I show a bit of how you can style it into summer, spring or winter season.

You can shop this look on HERE (affiliated links see my Contact Me for the disclaimer)

To access the video just Click ME


Meilifisayo xxx

15 thoughts on “How to style a Slip Dress

  1. I thought you needed a certain body type for slip dresses (very y’all and very slim), but I think I can actually find one that fits my body type now lol thank you for this post 🙏🏾

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