Are you submissive or Obedient – Relationship

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“Like the saying goes a Submissive woman is a Powerful woman”. Being submissive or obedient depends on authority (status) and Power (money). Before I go into this let me start with a simple definition of both.

What is obedience?

This means following orders which you may not necessarily like or agree with but you do it anyway.

What is Submission?

According to google definition, it is the action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person. To break it down it means following the order of a person out of respect and love.

Now that we have established what the meanings are; lets now apply it to a relationship shall we using a scenario.

An Obedient Woman

“Dear, I want to go traveling with a couple of friends in a few months and he respond why do you need to do that I need you to stay at home so you can do this and that for me during that time and I don’t even have money to fund this trip at the moment anyway.” If you stay at home that is Obeying. The fact that you don’t have money to fund your own trip or buy groceries for the house or do anything for yourself in general and you are depending on your husband/boyfriend to carter for you, you are in the category of an obedient woman.

An obedient woman has no power (money) or authority (status) so they do as they are told and follow orders. Don’t get me wrong; there is absolutely nothing wrong with this as long as it works for you and your relationship is flowing well that’s fine.

A Submissive woman

Using the same scenario so you can get the difference.

“Dear, I want to go traveling with a couple of friends in a few months and he respond why do you need to do that I need you to stay at home so you can do this and that for me during that time” and based on his response You decide to either Cancel the trip or Postpone it to another time – that is Submission. This submission shows that you value, love and respect your husband/boyfriend and this will make him want to treat you well and gain you more respect.

A woman who chose to be submissive is chasing her own long-term aim for being happy and creating a loving and happy atmosphere all the time. As rich as Kim Kardashian is she Choose to wear whatever Kanye tell her to wear and other examples are Michelle Obama, Beyoncé and many more.

For example, If Kanye want to do any business deal and want to bounce ideas off someone the first person he will go to is his wife as she is a successful businesswoman. And same goes for Obama discussing politics with his wife etc and what these women have in common is Authority (status) and Power (money).

In conclusion, a lot of women think some women are not submissive as they get to do whatever they chose to do but the truth of the matter is those women who think like this are the Obedient women as they have not acquired enough Power to be Submissive to their spouse.

This post was inspired by a youtube video I watched a while ago and few topics on twitter so I decided to share my own two-sense on it. Comment below what your thoughts are on this topic and let’s gain knowledge from each other.

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8 thoughts on “Are you submissive or Obedient – Relationship

  1. I think that I never really thought of the difference between them and realized that there was a difference. I wouldn’t say that I am submissive, but at times I can be, but in rare times I can be obedient as well in general, with life. I’m not in a relationship at the moment, but I think this is something I want to keep in mind when I am in one.

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