Lagos – From My Eyes

Hello my lovelies, hope you are well? If you don’t know that I am Nigerian let me reintroduce myself again, “Hello, My name is Fisayo and I was born in Lagos” now that is ot of the way. Let’s get into this very juicy post shall we hehe but first and foremost let me introduce you to my fellow blogger Fisayo Ojabodu (Yes my namesake). She is a writer, blogger and of course the founder of AsseenbyAshabi (As seen by Ashabi). I will link all her social media platform below so please do check her out if you want to see more about Lagos and other stuff. She has just briefly describe what Lagos is all about in a nutshell and key place to checkout when in Lagos. For my Lagosian who is reading right now please comment below if you have been to any of the places she listed and what’s your verdict on those places too wink wink.

“How do I begin the story about a place that can inspire and deflate you at the same time?

How do I talk about Lagos, about how it has drawn me in, embraced me, encouraged me & spat me out in the same breath?

Where do I begin?

What is this city? This strange eccentric humid place, What is Lagos?” – Ajebutter 22, What happens in Lagos, A good place to begin.

Lagos /ˈleɪɡɒs/ (Yoruba: Èkó) .

A city filled with vast cultures and traditions; from the hustling Igbos to the partying Yorubas, even to the rare efiks, it is safe to say that of all the 300+ tribes in Nigeria, you can find one of each in Lagos.

Being in Lagos, it’s easy to get lost in the culture and speed – you could go from enjoying the view at beautiful Art galleries like Nike Art Gallery to savoring the spices of life at fancy restaurants like Casper’s and Gambini to getting girls trip wasted at an all vibrant club like Quilox, all in the blink of an eye.

So how exactly, do you navigate through the up and running city that never sleeps?

   Easy, I’d be giving a quick tour guide on what to do in Lagos, where to do it and how to do it.


Shopping in Lagos can be prim and proper when it comes to stores,  boutiques and for some people; personal shoppers. But the real spirit of Lagos shopping lies in the tradition of thrift shopping in the markets.

Balogun market, Yaba market, Lagos market, Underbridge – all locations in Lagos where anything that can be bought, is being sold.


In respect to Art, Lagos has never been lacking, the likes of Kalakuta Museum, Nike Art Gallery, Red Door Art Gallery, Terrakulture Art Galleries would have any art lover hooked for days.

Other than galleries for Art lovers, people who enjoy theater art will find solace in places like the Muson Center and Terrakulture, while African literature lovers would enjoy a day spent in The Jazz Hole.


 The Food scene of Lagos is almost too large. You can go from fancy dining to local bucca in a minute and due to the diverse population of the city itself, the presence of each ethnic group in one way or another reflects on the type of food you get in Lagos and from where. If you’re more of a fine dining person, Victoria Island, Lekki and some part of Ikeja is your safe heaven as most top-notch restaurants such as Radisson Blu, De George, RSVP, and the likes. And if you more of a local dining type person, worry not because Lagos got you. There are local buccas a walk away in nearly every area code in Lagos.



We all know the saying, “Ain’t no party like a Lagos party”.

And trust there’s no lie to that statement. From music festivals like Lucid Curds, Gidi Fest and the likes to a drunken night out at some of the best clubs, Lagos has it all… You can even get your dancing shoes on during the weekends because in the city of Lagos “Saturdays are owambe”


I genuinely could go on, and on about the many many things to do in Lagos, the many tastes to ravish and the many places to go but I’d honestly require a full book to accomplish that task. But it would be criminal to end this post without it least giving a special mention to the places that manage to reflect the beauty of Lagos’s nightlife, theater, art, food e.t.c all at once.

Fela Shrine

 The home of Afrocentric music


The home of African art, literature, food, and theater

Freedom Park

 Where history resides

Ikoyi Club

The elite recreational center

It’s almost impossible to cover all aspect of the Lagos life, but which of these would like to visit? Which have you been to?  And which do you think will be on your list.

Written by: Fisayo Ojabodu Click Here  FaceBook  IG

Until Net Time 🙂

MeiliFisayo xxx


2 thoughts on “Lagos – From My Eyes

  1. Eko, ilu ogbon meaning “the city for the wise” I really miss that place.
    Youve taken us through most fun places in Lagos. Another fun place in Lagos will be the different beaches, always a fun place to go and spend the day.

    Love your blog hun!

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