CALAHomes – My luxurious Experience

Hello My lovelies, hope you are well today? I was invited to a Christmas-themed interiors event at Leonard Gate beautiful showhome by CALAHomes in Buckinghamshire. The excitement in my belly when I saw the invitation was undesirable, so let’s just say my I was super excited.

First of all, if you are not familiar with CALAHome they are one of the UK’s premium housebuilders founded in 1875 and has been in the premium homes for over 30 years now.  The showhome event wasn’t too far from where I live which was great for me as it was a very quick drive and because it was a Christmas theme I had to style my pink sequins blazer up which my partner got me.

Getting there I was welcome by gorgeous ladies and there were drinks been served at arrival and the atmosphere was just so chilled and lively. We all introduced ourselves and after a while, the tour of the beautifully decorated showhome began. I have a youtube video of the tour where the designer talked about the story behind the interior decoration for the house so please click here and check it out.

The gorgeous showhome with is park of CALA’s light and space collection consist of:

  • 2 bedroom each en-suite – Master bedroom (wood wallpaper called Thibaut) and boy’s bedroom with Rebel wallpaper
  • Open plan living area; Kitchen wallpaper is called Mulberry
  • A dining room (wallpaper is called Casamance)
  • A lounge (wallpaper is called Osbourne & Little)
  • Family bathroom
  • Downstairs washroom
  • A cloak
  • A Garage


After the tour we went back to the living area and had some nibbles and drinks for lunch, I tried most of what was served and it was delicious. Everyone was eating and interacting with each other and it was such a vibrant atmosphere.  Afterward, we were thought how to make Christmas fab wreath using fresh leaves by 3 ladies from The Lily Pot.


As this was my first-time doing any sort of DIY ever I can pat myself in the back and say I did pretty well hehe. It is pretty easy to make if you have all the things you need and I must admit it was very relaxing and therapeutic which everyone at the event agreed on as well. All of this is documented in my YouTube video as well.


So what  are my thoughts:

The showhome is absolutely stunning, I wish my house could look like that hehe. I also found out that the reservation fee for a house has reduced from £1000 to £99 like whatttt. I paid £150 to house the property I live in. The houses range from 2-5 bedrooms and the prices are from £359.950 to £689.950, the showroom price is £600,000.00 and I assume is because of everything in the house. And also, help to buy and home swapping is available if you are interested in getting a house with CALAHomes.

In conclusion, I want to to take this opportunity to thank CALAHome for the invite and Lily Pot of teaching me how to make a wreath. I look forward to hopefully in the future when I am ready to get my first mortgage I know where to go and if you need a florist do check out The Lily Pot.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for CALAHomes and all thoughts and opinions are mine. Click here to read my disclaimer 

CALAHome & The Lily Pot Social Media Details

Website: CALAHomes |IG: @CALAHomes |Website: The Lily Pot  |IG: @The Lily Pot  |MyYouTube: Click here

Thank you for reading

MeiliFisayo xxx

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