Being a Mum – My Journey so far

Hello wonderful person, how are you today? Welcome to Meilifisayo blog (if this is your first time and if not welcome back :).

Some of you don’t know that I am a new mum to a 10 months old little boy, well, now you know. So, I will be sharing three major things I have learned so far.

Tiredness is my new normal

Let me be honest with you I am always tired but who am I going to complain to! So, I made tiredness my new friend and just get on with it. When I was a stay at home for 9 months, I am always with AJ (my son) and had to feed, clean, entertain him and on top of that, I have to make sure I remind myself to shower and eat. And make sure there is food in the house and the house is clean and tidy. That’s was my new normal. Now that I am a working mum, let’s talk about my typical day to day which is wake up at roughly 6am to bath and brush my teeth. If he’s not awake by the time am done wake him up slowly and get him ready for nursery. Put him in his cot to play while I get myself ready for work, then, I take him to the living room and feed him by this time it’s almost 8am so we rush out and I drop him off at the nursery. Finish work rush to the nursery to pick him up hoping I beat the traffic; get home feed him and later bath him. He then plays until his bedtime. When he goes to be like roughly between 8-9pm then I eat and by this time I am knackered I tell you, so after food its bed time for me too. I get this bottle for his night feed and off to my night duty which involves waking up when he wakes up feed him or sometimes rock him back to sleep. If am lucky he sleeps through the night and I don’t have to do my night shift hehehe.

The little things

My favorite part about being a mum is seeing him grow every day. Oh, his very first smile was just heavenly, I think he was about a month old and his first laughter was when he was just over 2 months old. It started with trying to teach him how to crawl which took few months and by the time he was 6 months old he was getting better but now he’s a pro. He’s started to stand by himself slowly which is just amazing and his little bottom teeth are coming out; well, one is visible and the other is almost out. He also gives the best hugs ever!! It definitely outweighs the feeling of tiredness as it makes it all worth it.

You know your child best

No one knows a child like his mother, let’s be honest. Its good to get advice from people with kids ie your mum, or other mum but it’s up to you to practice that suggestion on your child. For example; when my mum was around and she changed AJ bedtime which I allow her but I told her not to wake me up. So she ends up not sleeping all night by letting AJ do what he wants like play at 3am in the morning because he’s refusing to go back to sleep. And she then complains shes is tired the next day and that’s when I tell her  “I told you so”. Now she has learned to ask me about his sleep routine. Another thing I don’t like is someone telling you how you should do something just because they have a child and it works for them. In my head, I know it won’t work with my own child but I just have to nod and pretend like I will take their suggestion.

In conclusion, if someone asks me would I do this all over again the answer to that is Yes and No. The reason is I thought I was ready but gosh I totally wasn’t and now that I know what being a mum is I am definitely having second thoughts of probably not doing it again. Call me selfish but if I am to have a second child it is going to take me a very very very long time.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading what I call my rant hehe and I hope you enjoyed it.

MeiliFisayo xxx

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Photo by: Tobi Adedeji @tobi_k_a

6 thoughts on “Being a Mum – My Journey so far

  1. Not a mum yet but most of my friends are nursing mothers and I know how overwhelming it can be having to cater for a child all by yourself. So what I try to do is visit them during my free time and help them

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  2. This was sweet. I don’t have any children buT i looked forward to hearing about your journey. I’m 38 so most of my friends and family members have children. I’m surrounded by them and based on our conversations, the tiredness changes as they age but I don’t think it ever goes away. Moms go through so much, hope you find time to treat yourself and recharge!

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