I am a Woman

Hello My lovelies, how are you doing? As it was international woman’s day a few days ago and mothers day is today, I bring to you this poem just to encourage us, women. 

I am a Woman and I am Beautiful

I am a Powerful Woman with so much Strength and Courage

I am a Woman who has Endurance and Patience

I am a Woman who now understands what Unconditional love is which is Motherhood

I am a Woman who Passionate and Fearless

 I am a Woman who loves the Simple things of life

I am a Woman who aspires to change the world every day and be like other strong women

To My Singles Ladies

Loving yourself and focusing on your goals and aspiration is key but enjoy and have fun while the right guy comes.

To My Ladies in relationship

Remember not to lose yourself and not to compare your relationship with others. Have your hobbies and life out of your relationship.

To the Mothers 

If no one tells you this please remember to tell yourself every day; You are doing a great job raising your little one. I don’t know how we do it every day but we somehow do and still bossing it out here. Yor are truly a Superwoman.

Happy Mothers day 🙂

Thanks for reading xxx



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