Vol 2 – The Journey

Hello my lovelies, hope you are well? Welcome to another volume of Fisayo Speaks; if you haven’t seen the first blog post Click here. First of all, can I just say Happy Independence day to all my fellow Nigerians, let’s continue to pray for our country and contribute to making it great. Back to my post hehe :).

Growing up I hear this constantly from people who are older saying it is not about how you start but how well you finish. I can tell you I never fully understand this until recently and I am in my mid 20’s but I get it now. Everyone’s path is different and unique so comparing yourself to people will only bring you unhappiness and you will feel that you are not measuring up. I will be quoting the beautiful Mrs Taiwo Ajai – Lycett throughout this post whose word has inspired me to do this blog post.

“Nobody will lead you anywhere not because they don’t love you but because they have their life to live too”

 I chose to study Biomedical Science; which involve for me moving to a new region (England) as I am from Wales. I was living on campus alone with no family or friends and I had to make new ones, but going through university life alone felt like a new world of freedom. It wasn’t an easy road and I did fail a couple of times but I finished well.

This also got me thinking about my life so far and how much I have accomplished so far as well. I did it by myself, I took those steps and decision by myself, I made those moves by myself, I achieved these by myself, It’s all me. Don’t get me wrong I had guidance first and foremost from God then from my mother, teachers, close friends; what I mean is I had a support system. I am not the most intelligent but I studied Biomedical Science just because I wanted to challenge myself and because that was the path I saw myself walking through.

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This brings me to my next quote which says Do not limit yourself; if you give strength you will get strength. 

Whatever situation you are facing right now my advice is to be strong and don’t be distracted. We live in a world whereby we can easily forget our goals either by people doubting you or by you watching how the other person got there. Listen to the voice in your head that cheers you on and not the one that create an excuse or discredit your goal. I know that is hard even I struggle with it but as time goes on, I am learning how to tune down the negative thoughts and listen more to the positive ones.

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Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Nobody know’s how you will turn out

This saying can not be more true; think about it. Look back at where you were few years ago in terms of Mental, Physical, Financial, Intellectual and Emotion state of mind and ask yourself am I the same person?

I will leave you with this to reflect on and also this can be a topic of discussion among your peers, friends and family. If you enjoyed this post please feel free to comment below and share.

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Thank you so much for reading. Until next time 🙂

MeiliFisayo xxx

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