Vol 1 – The Strong Woman

Hello my lovelies, hope you are well :)?

I have been itching to create this new segment on my blog “Fisayo Speak’s” and start having a real heart to heart conversation with you by sharing my knowledge. This topic is inspired by me watching King Woman on YouTube if you are not familiar with this series please go check it out. I can 100 per cent promise you to feel inspired, learn a lot from each women and feel blessed from their stories. So lets get started :).

In the saying of women support women, for me that is true to an extent; I will tell you why. A lot of women who are in a higher position are so afraid of pulling another woman up just because they are afraid of that woman becoming better and more powerful than them. You see this slogan all over social media but in reality it’s a completely different story.

“Social Media is not Real, it’s people putting out their best or their lies so why believe a lie?” quoted by Mrs Jumoke Adenowo

In the world we live in I will say women are doing great things right now and as empowering as it look’s on the outside it is not an easy journey. One of the lady (Mrs Jumoke Adenowo) on the series said something that got me thinking.  She said if you see yourself as a queen and in a powerful position in the future you will not do some things that doesn’t portray a powerful woman from your youth. I thought about this and I look at people like Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton even Beyonce and I can’t find anything demining during their youth. These women are so powerful and respected in the society and that is what I want for myself and hope you do too. So I said to myself, I need to watch what I put on instagram, the kind of tweets I put out there just my image in general as I want to be a powerful woman in my future.

You will rarely find this trait in men but its very common among women, now let me elaborate it more. A lot a women see other women and they not just only admire them but they want exactly what that person have. You see that girl/lady on social media buying new designer bag everyday and traveling all over the world or that lady/friend who is happily married with kids and buys nice things. And you want to be like her forgetting that her path is different from yours; can we just do ourselves a favour and just admire from a far.

Even though, I still have so much more to say, let me stop here but we can keep the conversation going in the comment section below :).

Comment below if you would like a second part or a series of this on my blog. I welcome anyone’s email message  (see my email below) and input on this topic as I want to open it to everyone.  

Thanks for reading xxxx


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14 thoughts on “Vol 1 – The Strong Woman

  1. I really enjoyed the King Women series! Mrs Jumoke Adenowo’s episode was my favourite. I agree, the choices we make now will shape our futures so it’s better to be cautious and think about all that we do even now when we’re young. I would love to see more of this series on your blog Fisayo! xx

    Coco Bella Blog 

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  2. This was a lovely read and don’t we all want to be powerful women later in life?
    I try to be very careful with what I put out there because you know once it’s out, it’s out. You don’t want you to be your problem later on in life.
    Looking forward to more of this


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  3. To live a contented life is to pretty much have it all. There’s absolutely no beauty in craving the things other people have, or flaunt, or appear to possess. Life is instalmental and women (and men) should know this.


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