Beautiful City of Bath

Hello Lovelies, I know it has actually been  a minute but am back and hope you are having a good start to your weekend so far?

From the title you know this is a city guide and I will be talking about Bath. A little background on the city, Bath is located in Southwest England, and they are well known for their architecture with the extensive use of the honey-colored bath stone. The first time I went to Bath was for an interview at the Bath hospital gosh I was determined to become a Biomedical Scientist at all cost, as that’s what I studied in University. I stayed over night at a beautiful hotel which for the life of me I cannot remember the name anymore but I remember it was up the hill and the view was just amazing at night.

 I instantly fell in love with the city but I could not explore much after my interview but I was able to walk around the town center for few minutes as the coach station was close by. So, I promised myself to come back someday and that day has been the last 2 month which I have been here twice to spend the day.

I went to the Roman Bath which is a museum and the entry fee was £15.50 for adult. When you get there you will be offered two choice in terms of tour either you tour the place alone using a radio as guide or you wait for a tour guide. Miss independent me took the radio and guide myself I just don’t like following a bunch of people everywhere. The direction was pretty easy as its just a one way arrow so no confusion at all. The interesting part of the tour was when I was told the water has some healing element and its good for your skin but there are signs everywhere saying “Do not touch” like seriously who doesn’t want healing or good skin.

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I also went on a tour bus which I actually enjoyed to be honest, I learnt a lot about the history of the city and get to see more of the city. The tour bus is divided into two and you pay £12 for both which is a student ticket lol as I lied, don’t judge. So, there is a city tour which basically goes around the city and there is a skyline tour which goes outside the city its more of landscape and countryside but you get to see the city from the top of the hills. The interesting part was when I was also told that there is an invisible man that walks around the city and pokes you if you are in his way and also only a man can see him, like really lol.

During my city tour, I stopped at few places but my favorite was visiting the Roman crescent which is 30 terrace curved tall buildings with a huge park in front of it and a beautiful view of the city. The door on each building are white expect one which is yellow and funny enough I was told the story of the yellow door by a local lady when I asked her to take picture of me. The funny thing is she has the boldness to quiz me on the history she just told me hehe. I also highly recommend you visit the pulteney bridge oh my days the way the river flows into a curve is just calming, its hard to describe the feeling you just have to be there to feel it.

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 I did not get to do this but I am saving it for my next visit as the next time I go I will go and relax. I will be visiting the Theme spa which is £38 for a 2 hours spa session with a rooftop pool which overlook the city. There is also a restaurant in there and you will provided a robe, towel and slippers. I am so pump for my next visit. I hope my experience makes you want to see the city of Bath.

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Thanks for reading xxx


Photos by Yours Truly 🙂

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