The Little Village in Cotswold

Hello Lovelies, hope you are having a good weekend so far :).

Have you ever wondered what a countryside in the UK looks and feels like? Well look no further and keep reading. I live in Bicester which most people will call a countryside and I have lived here over a year now but I wanted to still have a feel of a deep countryside so I decided to take a trip to Cotswold.

The first town I went to was Burford a medieval town in the Cotswold hills. As I drove into the town down the hill which is their high street, found a place to park my car which of course is free and walk around and back to the high street.

The houses were beautiful and the atmosphere was so calm which I expect; the high street is so different from the usual and don’t expect to find your traditional typical store. The only grocery shop that I was familiar with was Co-operative and I saw different thing’s like people selling real fur and woven basket. I walked around the town a little bit as it was a sunny day and went to a cafe to have some tea (Cotswold fruit tea) like a proper Brit and I will tell you it wasnt cheap as I paid £2.95 for a freaking tea lol.

I later drove around just to see the area of outstanding natural beauty of Cotswold which is basically the landscape which I can testify to that it is beautiful and I had to stop and park a few times just to soak it in. If you have seen Ed Sheeran song Castle on the hill video the landscape is kind of similar  ;).

I then drove back to another village called Swinbrook which is about 2 miles east of Burford, and I must say, I only saw like 5 houses in total and each of them were surrounded by acres of land in the middle of nowhere. I drove down to a pub called the swan inn, the reason I went there was because  it is actually very famous such as Downtown Abbey shoot a scene there, David Cameron goes there a lot etc.

The scenery ofcourse is beautiful but the interesting part was that I saw this lady outside the pub drawing the landscape which I though was very special and it kind of made my day as I have never encountered that before.

To round up my day as I was driving home in this tiny road, I saw a peacock, the last time I saw one was when I was like 10 year old so ofcourse, I had to stop my car and look for a while.  I later drove off as I saw a car coming behind me.


 I hope you enjoyed reading this just as I enjoy writing them.

MeiliFisayo   xxx

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