Things to do when in Oxford

Hello lovelies, it has been a minute but I am back yayy :).

Lets get into my first adventure.

1. Retail Therapy

I’m just going to assume that everybody loves shopping. Oxford is a city that provides you with two options; which are high street and luxury fashion, so the choice is yours. If you are only into high street brand then oxford city center is perfect for YOU, it offers stores like Zara, River Island, French connection, Topshop and many more.

For luxurious or higher taste in fashion,  I will recommend you visit Bicester Village which is 25 minutes drive from oxford. This is not just an outlet like any other, it offers value for money as well as quality merchandise. It offers stores such as Gucci, Dior, Prada, Givenchy, Mulberry etc with over 33 luxurious brands except for Chanel and LV.

FYI, its beautiful at this time of the year so bring your wallet when visiting.




2. Grab a drink

I think everyone loves to have a drink in new city and finding a good bar can be challenging. That is what I am here for right? hehe. There are so many bars and resturant in oxford but I recommend you visit the Varsity Bar which is in oxford city center. Be prepared for the flight of stairs to get to the roof top but it is definately worth it as the view is Superb. When I visited I ordered Exotique mocktail, even though, it was about 3 degrees outside I just wanted to have a cold drink to compliment the view lol.



3. Grab some food

Nobody comes to a new city without grabbing some food right? If you are like me that loves chicken and chips/fries, I have the best place in mind for you to visit and dont hate me if you stop liking Nandos, KFC or McDees. My favorite of all time since I moved to Oxford as a university student is definately KEBAB KID; and please order the grilled chicken wings which you can make it as spicy as you want it.



4. Botanical Gardens

If you are into flowers and gardens, I recommend you visit the Oxford Botanical Gardens which is 10 minutes walk from the city center . It absolutely gorgeous and it leds you to this beautiful church as you walk the path which is great for photography if you are into that like I am.



5. Boat Cruise

Am not a boat cruise kind of girl as I have tried it and I can say it is not for me but you never know might try it again for a second time. My last boat cruise was in Amsterdam, you definately dont want to know the story behind it; lets just say its HILARIOUS. Back to Oxford, you will get to see the famous landmarks and countryside with a glass of drink or some food.


 Thanks for reading xx

Meili Fisayo

Photos: By Me 🙂

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