Boyfriend’s Jacket

Hello lovelies, happy Sunday. 🙂

My obession with my boyfriend’s denim started a few months ago I must say. I vaguely remember the day but all I know is I grabbed something from his wardrobe and put it on like seriously that was it. I went to meet up  with a friend and she was complimenting me like crazy and I was like girl I dont even have make up on blah blah. All she kept saying was “I love your style today and that jacket is so cool”and I looked at my self again and was like its my boyfriend’s jacket but deep down I loved it too.

The rest is history and I have definitely declared this jacket MINE ever since lol. In terms of fashion, this look I would call a Morden Chic which you can either dress down like I did because it’s cold in the UK or you can put on a pair of heels and make it girly. Either ways the choice is yours.






Thanks for reading

Meili Fisayo xx

Denim jacket: Topman | Top: VbyVery | Jeans: Zara | Shoes: Timberland | Backpack: Longchamp

Photos: Kate Dyomina (@k.dphoto)

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